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Sushic Gallery

Elevate your upcoming event with the trendiest yet tasty sushi items,

each masterfully prepared by hand by our well-renowned Sushi chefs.

With decades of experience, our culinary creations will be sure to amaze guests at your next party. 


A traditional Japanese fare, yet embracing modernity.


A fusion of traditional flavors with a contemporary twist, utilizing only the freshest caught fish and ingredients that will give you the experience of a high-end restaurant at any event. Our culinary creations and displays will be sure to amaze your guests.


A timeless Japanese lineup that any guest could appreciate.


Experience the culinary creations that made sushi sky-rocket to the chic food experience. 

Live Catering

Bring the Sushi restaurant experience to your next event.


If you're looking to give guests a grand experience, have us cater your next event.

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